How to start earning money online through upwork

How to start earning money online through upwork

How to start earning money online through Upwork

Upwork is the largest online freelancing marketplace in the world. Initially, it was known as Odesk which was later renamed and merged with another marketplace Alliance called Upwork. Many people who work online have a dream to start freelancing by opening an account at Upwork. Again, there are those who do not like Upwork very much.

The reality is, whether you like it or not, no one can deny Upwork; Because its scope and impact are much greater. Maybe even more than you can think of! Big companies like Microsoft, Automatic, are also clients of Upwork in some cases.

The biggest challenge for a freelancer is finding a client. Platforms like Upwork make it easy for both clients and freelancers to find each other. There are all kinds of freelancers in Upwork, whether it's extra income or a major livelihood.

What is Upwork and how does it work?

I have already said what upwork is. In Upwork, freelancers showcase their work and experiences on their profiles. Clients post on Upwork mentioning job descriptions according to their needs and how much they will be paid for it. Freelancers then send job proposals from the job list based on their own experience.

Clients are contracted by selecting one or more of their choice from a list of interested freelancers. Again, if the client wants, you can see the profile of a freelancer and invite him for work.

Simply put, Upwork's job is to connect the freelancer and the client. The whole process is done on the Upwork platform via the internet.

Freelancers have to share their remuneration with Upwork. Upwork deducts 20% of a freelancer's first ড 500 income from a specific buyer/client as a fee. In the same contract, 10% of the income of 501 to 10 thousand dollars goes to the share of Upwork. And if the freelancer's income in that contract is more than 10 thousand dollars, he gets 5% from it. That is, the higher the income and the longer the long-term client-freelancer relationship, the lower the fee charge on the freelancer's account. In addition, the buyer's Upwork also takes different fees on different plans.

Types of work at Upwork

Upwork based on freelancing will see different types of work. Mainly art and skill-based work is important here. The main categories of work that will be seen in Upwork are as follows:

  • Photography and editing
  • Video production
  • Web design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing
  • Social media management
  • Graphic design
  • Programming
  • Software development
  • Literature (writing and editing)
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Teaching
  • Translate
  • Voice over
  • Art direction
  • Support, Virtual Assistant

Account management and job application / messaging can be done through both the Upwork website and the app. Also, their payment system is much more secure. Upwork offers fixed price and hourly wages. I hope to discuss these in detail in another post.

Upwork will cut a good amount of your income, but getting a job as a freelancer in such a huge field is not an easy task. Upwork will help you find clients. In this case, if you can accept the dividends that they are receiving, it will not be a problem for you to work through Upwork.

How to open an account at Upwork?

If you have decided to work at Upwork, sign up as follows -

1. Enter Upwork's sign up page.

2. If you want, you can also use their Android app for this purpose. However, if you sign up, you will be redirected to the previously mentioned page.

3. Fill out the form with all the necessary information.

4. Verify email and phone number correctly.

5. When all the information is written correctly, now press the submit button.

Following the above procedure will make you a successful member of Upwork. But you have to wait until the account is approved.

After successfully creating an Upwork account, you can follow the steps below. This will increase your chances of getting a job.

  • Verify your ID by entering this link.
  • Mention the experience and details of the work you did in the past on your profile.
  • Fill in all the required information by entering the view profile option.
  • Design your profile based on your skills.
  • You can visit Upwork's Freelancer Education Center.

Membership and Connect in Upwork

You will need to Connect to send the job proposal to the client. In other words, Connect works as a token here. You need 1 to 8 connectors to bid for each job. However, if the project is canceled, you will get your connections back.

After signing up for Upwork you will get some connections for free. But they will run out in a few days. If you use Upwork's free membership plan, you'll need to pay 0.15 for each connection.

However, those who subscribe to the monthly membership plan for. 14.99 will get 60 connections for free. The plan also includes some additional benefits. Read our post to know more details about Upwork Connects.

How to get a job at Upwork?

1. Login to the Upwork site or app and enter the "Find Work" tab to find the work of your choice from the feed. You can also find work by searching.

2. Read the job description when you find the desired job.

3. Click on the "Send Proposal" button.

4. In this section, you will mention your identity, work experience, and expected honors.

5. If the client is interested in working with you, he will contact you by message.

6. If both parties agree, the work is agreed upon.

Upwork has a variety of payment options. You can visit Upwork's payment page to learn more.

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  • Set profile picture to look beautiful.
  • Complete your profile with all the information.
  • Properly display your skills and experience when submitting a proposal or bidding for a job.
  • Take part in Upwork's local events.
  • Respond to the client's message in a timely manner.
  • Ensure the proper dignity of your work. Be careful that no one cheats on you.
  • Always be honest.
  • Exaggerating your skills will be detrimental to your Upwork career.
  • Upwork allows one person to use only one account. There is a possibility of a ban if you open more than one account.

Do you work online? Or interested in working online? Let us know your opinion in the comments!


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