SEO - Miscellaneous strategies

SEO - Miscellaneous strategies

SEO - Miscellaneous strategies

Here are some more tips related to SEO. We have placed them in various chapters without classifying them in any particular category. Follow the tips below for better SEO.

To-do list

1. Create logs for pages and place at least 200 text words on each page to maximize relevance to Google.

2. Compulsively create Sitemap, Help, FAQ, About Us, Link to Us, Copyright, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy (Sitemap, Help, FAQ, About Us, Link to Us, Copyright, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy) etc.

3. Create a link to the homepage with each webpage and provide easy navigation on all pages.

4. Pay attention to your dynamic page URLs. Google may crawl and index your Dynamic Page URL unless it has more than 2 parameters.

5. Check your entire site to see if there are any broken links. Because broken links will also reduce the rank of your other pages.

Discard list

1. Do not put hidden text on your webpage.

2. Do not create alternate image spamming with wrong keywords.

3. Do not use stuffing meta tags.

4. Do not use frames and flash on your site.

5. Do not exchange your site links with blacklisted sites.

6. Don't try to fool your site readers by using misspelled keywords.

7. Don't send spam emails to thousands of email ids.

8. Don't use too many graphics on your site.

9. Don't create too many entries for a page.

10. Do not use duplicate content on web pages.

11. Don't submit your website to the same search engine too many times.

12. Do not exceed the depth of sub-directory 1-2.

13. Don’t create too many dynamic pages. Try converting them to static pages.

14. Don't make your webpages nested.



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