SEO techniques and methods

SEO techniques and methods

SEO - Strategies and Methods

SEO strategies are classified into two broad categories:

1. White Hat SEO - In search engine optimization (SEO) terms, White Hat SEO refers to the strategy, technology, and methodology of web site optimization. The main focus is to provide the best results to the user through the SARS engine. That means you will give the user the highest priority over anything else.

2. Black Hat SEO - In SARS Engine Optimization (SEO) terms, Black Hat SEO refers to aggressive SEO techniques, technologies, and practices. The main focus is on search engines instead of Internet users. This does not mean the guidelines of ordinary SARS engines.

White Hat SEO

To consider an SEO strategy as a white hat, you need to have the following features:

1. It agrees with the Search Engine Guidelines.

2. It does not resort to any deception.

3. This ensures that the content indexed by the SARS engine and the ranking accordingly and what the user sees are the same.

4. This ensures that the content of a web page is created not just for the SARS engine, but for the users.

5. It ensures the quality of web pages.

6. It ensures the presence of useful content on the web page.

Always follow white hat SEO strategies and never try to fool your site readers. Rather be honest, you will definitely get something better.

Black Hat or Spamdexing

If an SEO strategy is considered a black hat or spamdexing, it will have the following features:

1. Trying to improve rankings even after fraudulent pages are rejected by the SARS engine.

2. Redirecting users from a page created for SARS Engine to another page that is more human friendly than the original page.

3. Redirect the user to a page that is different from the page ranked by the SARS engine.

4. Serve one version of the page for SARS Engine Spider / Boat and another version of the page for human users. This is called a cloaking SEO strategy.

5. Using the hidden or invisible text or the background color of the page, using relatively small fonts or hiding them in HTML code such as the "no frame" section.

6. Loading keywords into meta tags, visible content, or backlink anchor text on a web page in an attempt to unfairly gain rank in the SARS engine. This is called keyword stuffing.

7. Repeating keywords in meta tags and using keywords that are not related to the content of the website. This is called metatag stuffing.

8. Create low-quality web pages with very little content but stuffed with almost identical keywords and phrases. These pages are called Doorway or Gateway pages.

9. Hosting the Mirror website to multiple websites - in this case, the content is the same in terms of concept but the URL is different.

10. Copying the content of a popular website in a malicious way and which shows the same content as the original site in a web crawler, but redirects the web user (surfer) to irrelevant or malicious websites. This is called page hijacking.

Always stay away from the black hat strategies mentioned above to improve your site's ranking. Because, the SARS engine is smart enough to detect all the above features used on your site, and in the end you will return empty-handed, getting nothing.


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